HostGator Dedicated Servers

What is a dedicated server? What are its benefits and can you get it at a discount? Once you have found a domain name you need to find hosting.  Now, dedicated server beats the shared server by far and large. Going by the meaning of the word dedicated, this server means that you will not have to share this one with anyone. You will be in full control over the server and better yet, you will decide when to make modifications, when to upgrade and so forth. Really, the cost for this one may be more but you will get more than enough value for your money. You will have everything that you may need here.

Why would you want to go for a dedicated server, which costs much more than the others? It is because this server is one of the best in the market. Only the owner can have access to the server and therefore they can change the operations of the server whenever they which. Unlike the shared servers where if one users account crashes the others all crash, this one is great because such hassles are eliminated. It is best suited to people who are in business and perhaps it is the best assurance that one’s customers will not be displeased in any way.


Among some of the features that you will find in the HostGator dedicated servers include automatic billing and account creation. Of course, you intend to get as many customers as you can and therefore you know that it is never that easy to bill them manually. The server comes with this feature. When you use this server for your business, it is almost as if you will be getting a mini customer relationship management projects because it handles things so nicely for you. In business, you know that your customers are the life and blood of your business and therefore you want to make sure that they find the webpage that they are looking for all the time.

What exactly is the cost of the dedicated server? Well, if you guess that it is not very cheap, you guess right but again, this one is meant for business. It has no inconveniences at all. It is one of the best in the business today and HostGator will not put a limit to your bandwidth or disk space, you can expand and grow in your business as much as you want. Security is guaranteed because you will get the SSL certification and therefore, for ecommerce, your customers can leave their identifiable details without fear.

The download speeds for the dedicated server is higher than that of the shared server, save for the maintenance downtimes which are also very few, there will be no other downtimes if you have a good internet connection. Think about it and you will see that there is nothing that you cannot do with this server, you can create accounts, host social media sites and so forth. There is no limitation. Now, all these features will really cost you and that is why you need a good discount. A HostGator discount coupon will give you the chance to save money.